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Marketing in Stanly County, North Carolina since 1999.

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Website Started

On Christmas Eve of 1998 the domain was aquired. It was created to provide a local search engine to the businesses of Stanly County, North Carolina.

Evolution & Change

In just over a year. Search Stanly turned into Small Business Websites. This was the start of creating websites for small businesses. Across the country.

Distant Work

In addition to serving the businesses of Stanly County, Small Business Website aquired clients all over the country, including Hawaii. The domain name was significant in getting traffic on the website.

Google Dominates

Later on, Google began to dominate the search engine platform. And over time the value of the domain name faded. Work turned back to primarily local with occasional inquiries coming from far away.

Target Web Management

Later on, small businesses need website management services. Small Business Websites began to reach these customers and provide needed services.


At that point Small Business Websites started to help clients get ranked in their local markets. Clients we primarily in North, and South Carolina.


Today, Search Stanly has evolved into The domain matches words that can be found in the search engines. Usually in the top position.

Web Management

Web Pros Work designs and manages websites for businesses looking for a professional webmaster. And they work in Stanly County and across the United States.

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